TransJakarta - Your Personal BusWay Navigator

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If you have ever been to Jakarta - the 15+ million resident capital city of Indonesia - you will know a few things for sure: 1. The city is really big, 2. The traffic is really bad and 3. Public transportation is really awful. The Jakarta government's solution to this is a system of buses - called TransJakarta, or the BusWay. Hundreds of natural gas-powered buses plow down their dedicated lane in each of the 10 "Corridors" and whisk you off to parts of the city you would never dream of trying to reach by car or taxi.

TransJakarta - the iPhone App - is your personal tool to master the intricacies of the system and get around this urban sprawl like a local. Each of the 100+ stops is listed and geocoded with complete Maps of the area around the stop and tips on transferring to different lines.

You'll love the 100% accurate online map (most of the available maps online are loaded with inaccuracies), customized Twitter feed for up-to-the-minute Corridor and Halte information and live Halte Cams (where available - look for the green dot.)


* Live color-coded map of all 10 lines of TransJakarta and 100+ stops.

* Complete listings of all stops with newly-updated maps of Jakarta with the ability to pan around the area of your stop

* Easily switch the direction of the routes depending on which way you are travelling so you'll never miss your stop

* Live Halte Web Cams

* Geolocation

* Twitter integration

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